Thursday, March 20, 2014

Second trimester and prepping for Italy!

Do you like how creative my titles are these days?? I know, you'll never guess what this post is about, so I'll go ahead and tell you. I'm going to talk about how things are going now that I'm a few weeks into my second trimester. And I'm going to excitedly tell you about our travel preparations for Italy!

So...first thing's first. Baby stuff. I'm 16 1/2 weeks pregnant now...the second trimester energy has kicked in, thank goodness! I still occasionally need a nap, but that has more to do with the fact that Charlotte is teething and not sleeping well (getting bottom molars and top cuspids at the same time...ouch). Nausea has eased quite a bit, which is huge! I threw up yesterday, but I also woke up with a pounding headache (must've slept weird) and attribute my morning puking episode to that. As long as I don't go too long before I eat breakfast in the morning, I'm good. And I still take a half of a unisom at night to keep the queasiness at bay in the morning. Done with the B6 though. My last puking session before yesterday was a little over 2 weeks ago, so I think it's safe to say I'm pretty well in the clear now. SO thankful it didn't last as long this time as it did with the girls (sick with both until about 25 weeks). Could it be that it's a little man in there with my sickness going away so much faster?

I started feeling this little bean move just before I hit the 15 week mark, which sounds crazy early...but I felt Eden at 15 weeks and I think Charlotte was closer to 16 or 17. But I'm feeling pretty regular little taps and thumbs throughout the day now, so I know it was indeed the bean I was feeling so early on. Movement with this baby has been so different and interesting...both my girls sat really low. Their movement was all down in my pelvic area, and this baby's movements are much higher and closer to my belly button. One more reason to think maybe it's a boy?? (Can you tell we're sort of hoping for a boy? Haha)

I am not even 17 weeks yet and I already feel like my belly is huge. Definitely feels much bigger at this stage than it did with Charlotte...and I didn't pop out with Eden until 20-22 weeks. I hope I just got round a little earlier this time since it's my third pregnancy and that I'm not in for a giant baby! But it's definitely obvious that I'm pregnant. In that weird stage where regular jeans no longer fit and are totally uncomfortable but my maternity jeans are still a little too baggy in the hips. So I live in long shirts/tunics and leggings or dresses and tights. Or tees and yoga pants around the house.

We are finding out this baby's gender. We have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled for April 14th! It will only be a week away when we get home from vacation! Pretty darn excited. And I think we'll probably follow the same thing we did with Charlotte...not go public with names until after baby is born. I think we'll wait to pick his/her "for sure" name until we see his/her little face. I really loved doing that with Charlotte (we'll have narrowed down our options to a handful of names that we'll pick from, most likely).

And now onto the thing that is dominating my thoughts 24/7 right now...ITALY!!! We leave in NINE days, people! NINE! We will technically be gone 9 days because of the time difference, but will only spend 7 days in Italy plus a layover in London on our way there. (Funny how that works, huh?) We've got our hotel booked for 5 days in the Tuscany region and 2 days in Rome. We felt like the Tuscany region had SO much to explore (we're renting a car for this portion so we can get around to all the cities...we're particularly excited for Florence), so we're spending the bulk of our time there. Two days in Rome will be a little tight to cram everything in, but we felt it would be enough time to see the major tourist attractions (the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Pantheon, Colosseum, etc). We prefer to spend most of our time in the less touristy more relaxed areas seeing the landscape and exploring. We want it to feel like a vacation, not like a huge guided tour to cram in as much as we possibly can. I have a feeling we'll want to go back. We debated taking a train up to Venice for a day, but I think we'll wait for another time (hopefully). We had to weigh the cost of doing that for one day versus being able to bring some special things back to remember our trip by...and we decided we'd rather be able to bring some special things home. (Hopefully some art and a ceramic piece...fruit bowl or something...and maybe some leather shoes. How do you go to Florence and not bring home some leather good of some sort?) Oh, and SO excited for the coffee. SOO excited. We live in the Seattle area, the coffee capital of the nation, but I know what we've had here will be nothing like the coffee there. (We have some dang good coffee here too, and NO I'm not talking about Starbucks. Starbucks is not real coffee. Sorry if you like Starbucks. It's ok if you do. You just can't call it real coffee. Real coffee is an art. It doesn't come out of automated machines in 20 seconds. And I'm officially getting off topic, so I'll stop.)

Honestly, I haven't even thought about London. Haha. We'll have about 12 hours there, so we definitely want to sight see. I guess we should hurry up and figure out what we want to see in that short time! I think what I'm most excited for on this trip is the food. Specifically the gelato. And I've heard nothing but amazing things about the gluten free food availability in Italy. Some things I've read online say if you call in advance and make a reservation at the restaurant you want to eat dinner at and let them know you need to be gluten free, they'll prepare an entire meal specifically for you. Isn't that crazy?!

I'll be instagraming it up while we're over there (handle is amberhansen), so follow me there if you want to see pictures. I don't plan to post many here (it's a hassle and I'm lazy). I'm a bit protective about my instagram since I mainly post pictures of my kiddos (my account is private), so if you request to follow me, follow it up with an email letting me know (coreyandamber[at]gmail[dot]com). Otherwise I may not recognize you and won't approve you.

As they say in Italy...ciao!

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  1. So excited to hear about Italy! And interesting about the baby sitting higher - I'm with you, maybe this one is a boy!