Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I know I'm not on here much anymore (you can read about why in this post). I don't really plan to change the frequency of my blogging at this point. I'm just going to post the occasional big updates. I've really enjoyed being more unplugged and less tied to my computer. I've enjoyed reading or being productive during naps and after bedtime rather than feeling like I have to get on the blog and post some random update to keep people reading. I don't know if anyone even reads this anymore, so I might just be updating a forgotten website...but that's ok. It's still fun to chronicle life's big events.

So, all that to say...

There you have it! We're expanding our family size from 4 to 5 this September. I'm pregnant with baby #3!

For those wondering, I thought I'd knock out a couple questions I know will come up (that is, if anyone is reading!)...

Did we plan this pregnancy?
Nope. Not even a little bit. In fact, we were done, done, DONE. It actually came as quite a shock. But sometimes God's plans are not the same as our plans, and we are very thankful for that. It took a couple days for the initial shock to wear off and for me to wrap my mind around this big change of plans, but we're all fully on board and very excited now.

How long have we known/how far along am I?
I took the test late on Christmas Eve (it was past midnight, so it was technically Christmas day). I will be 13 weeks pregnant when you all read this. We always wait until after the first ultrasound (to make sure everything is going well and is on track) before we go public with our announcement.

When is baby's official due date and how old will the girls be?
This baby is due September 1st. Eden will be almost 3 1/2 years old, and Charlotte will have just turned 2 (on Aug 23rd). I think the spacing is going to be perfect.

How am I feeling?
Depends on the day. I'm definitely in the middle of the debilitating pregnancy exhaustion phase, which is really hard with two little kiddos running amuck. I experienced some mild and very bearable morning sickness early on...but at about 11.5 weeks it kicked into high gear. I kind of got my hopes up and thought maybe I wasn't going to be crazy sick this time like I was with both the girls, but it just waited to rear its head until later in the game. It took me about 2 weeks to figure out a regimen of meds that worked to control the nausea. I was on the verge of having to head to the ER because I couldn't keep any food or water down for a few days. I went through 3 different prescription meds that didn't work. Now I'm taking a Unisom at night and vitamin B6 during the day, and that's helping a lot more than anything else. I'm glad to not need a prescription. I'm not 100% by any means...I still battle queasiness throughout the day and have to force myself to eat a little bit every couple hours so my stomach doesn't get on empty (which is when the nausea is worse), but I'm able to keep food down when I do eat. And liquids...which is even more important. I'm already experiencing a little round ligament pain...which is weird this early. Not really having any cravings this time...I'm sure they'll come when I get over the queasy stage (which is hopefully sooner rather than later!). I have plenty of aversions (mostly sugar and chocolate). That's about it. Nobody said knitting a life together in your womb was an easy task, but it's a noble one, I think. And it's all completely worth every moment of throwing up and exhaustion and pain. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Did we know I was pregnant when we planned our Italy trip?
Yep! That's actually why we planned it! Originally we were supposed to go to Ireland in September. Corey has a business trip planned, and I was going to go with him and we'd stay longer and make a vacation out of it. But seeing as how this baby is due in September, that's not an option anymore. And we really wanted to get away just us before this baby came. We won't be able to leave the baby for at least a year or for a good length of time, so we figured it was now or never (ok, not never, but not for a WHILE). I'll be about 18 weeks when we go, so I'm hoping I'll have that second trimester burst of energy going for me and maybe I'll be over the nausea by then...or at least it will have lessened. Fingers crossed... And I won't be so huge and uncomfortable that I can't enjoy walking around the city seeing things.

Do our kiddos know?
Yes, we've told them. Charlotte is only 18 months, so she's pretty clueless. But Eden is pretty excited. If you ask her "what's in mommy's belly?" she excitedly replies "there's a BABY in mommy's belly!!!" She goes back and forth on whether she wants a brother or sister. I think Charlotte will be in for a rude awakening with this little one makes his/her debut. She's the baby...she'll have been the baby for 2 years...and she very much enjoys and soaks up all the perks that come with being the baby (not that we treat our kids unfairly or show partiality, but let's be real...you do treat your youngest one a bit different than your oldest). I think it'll take some adjusting for her.

So there you have it! Happy to finally share with you all. We waited quite a bit longer this time to go public with it. We just sort of took our time telling everyone for some reason. I don't anticipate doing any sort of weekly pregnancy updates this time around. I just don't have the time (or maybe it's more that I don't care to make the time?). Maybe an update every month or two. I won't just leave you in the dark until his/her arrival.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. So excited for you Amber! I was so surprised when you announced, because I thought I remembered you saying you weren't sure if you were going to have any more! But God's plans are always better. :-) I'm sorry you've been feeling so sick again, that stinks. I had round ligament pain with this baby really early on too! I think it's normal with a third. :-)