Wednesday, June 25, 2014

They grow up too fast

June is almost over. July comes next week. Where has the time gone??

Eden has lost that toddler chub and belly (sad day...I loved that belly!) and has sort of grown into her body a bit. Her speaking skills and vocabulary have blown up in the past month. I feel like I've watched her completely transform from my toddler girl to a little girl in just a matter of a couple weeks, which could be true. Seems like when they go through growth spurts they just wake up one day looking older and not fitting into any of their clothes anymore.

Charlotte is looking less baby-like and more toddler like these days. Especially when she lets me put her hair up. But she still has that adorable baby higher-pitched voice, and I relish it everyday because I know it'll be gone too quickly. Her vocabulary has also exploded, and she's starting to put together small sentences. She's going to be a whole TWO in just two short months! She's got a big girl bed now that she sleeps in (they share a bunk...Eden on top, Charlotte on bottom). Growing up so quickly! I think a large part of it is her fierce determination and highly independent personality. While it can be difficult to reason with her sometimes, I have no doubt that she'll be able to hold her own in the real world someday.

And I was officially 30 weeks as of Monday. How did that happen? I'm feeling...ok. I'm kinda done being pregnant, which is not a good thing considering I've got 10 more weeks. I'm having a lot of pelvic pain and hip problems the last month or so with this pregnancy. I'm seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist to help, but it gets pretty bad. If I've done too much or had too much activity, I can hardly walk by the end of the day...and sleep? There is no comfortable position with this hip/pelvic issue. It's not sciatica. It's actually an issue with the ligaments around my pelvis not holding it together adequately so that it comes "unlocked" at times (I guess it's a pretty common pregnancy issue). I'm doing some exercises at home per my chiropractor's recommendation to help strengthen the muscles, but some days nothing helps. I can't hardly clean my own house (as in...our shower has not been thoroughly scrubbed in like 2 months...super gross, I know). Even sweeping and mopping can leave me unable to walk. I did a "mini detail" on the CRV the other day because Charlotte had dumped a bag of snacks all over the floor...and they'd been stepped on and ground into the carpet...and the rest of the car was just getting gross. Took me 2 hours to clean it, and it felt great to have a clean car at the end. But I was in excruciating pain by bedtime! And shaving my legs in the shower? Forget about it (we just have a tiny standing corner shower, so I have to left a leg up and put my foot against the wall to shave it). Corey actually has to help me shave. And to top it all off, I have "pregnancy-induced gallbladder disease". Basically, I've either got gallstones or bile "sludge" (where the bile gets thick) and the stones or sludge get stuck in my bile duct from time to time and cause very intense stabbing pain that lasts 12-18 hours at a time. I would put the pain level on par with labor. I get cold sweats and nausea because the pain is so bad. It doesn't happen super often, thankfully. It seems to happen once every few weeks. I have another ultrasound of my gallbladder Friday to make sure there's no developing infecting or major blockage of the bile duct. There's not anything they can or would do about it while I'm pregnant unless I got an infection and needed emergency surgery (other than diet changes that I've made per my naturopath). And it's highly likely that it will resolve after I give birth. Apparently my weight yo-yo (having 3 pregnancies in 4 years) is the likely cause, and I'm more likely to have it with subsequent pregnancies now that I have had it once. Especially if I get pregnant again quickly. SO. I don't know what that means for future babies. We'll cross the bridge when we get there. But those two things have been enough to make me kind of miserable the last month or so. We're looking at getting someone to come in and deep clean the house before baby comes to help me out so I don't have to freak out about the things I'm unable to do.

The nursery is slowly starting to come together. On Friday we'll be picking up an amazing steal of a dresser we found on Craig's List (a Drexel too!). Corey is taking next week off to do stuff around the house, so we'll get the room painted and the lighting changed out as well. A friend and I are going to get the kiddos watched and get together to have a crafting day to get creative and make some stuff, so that will be helpful. And the poor kid needs some clothes. I have 3 onesies and 3 sleepers for him, and that's it...not exactly a sufficient wardrobe! I'm sort of waiting until after my baby shower at the end of July to buy stuff, but we have gift cards to Target, Amazon, and Zara to use as well. And part of it is just that I'm exhausted and tired and can hardly keep up with things. If we have to go buy him some clothes to wear the day after he's born, so be it. I don't even care anymore. Worst case scenario, he'll wear pink and flowers until we can get to the store! It's not like he's going to know the difference.

While I'm over being pregnant, I'm also not quite sure I'm ready to add a third baby to the mix. I'm trying to cherish and enjoy the last weeks I have with just my girls since it will never just be them again!

And that's that. Corey's travel has died down a little bit, and he'll be home for sure the last month before my due date. It's been really nice having him home more. Summertime is always crazy for us, and I don't see it slowing hopefully the business will help these next 10 weeks pass quickly so I can believed of some of these issues and have this baby boy already!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Busy but loving life

I might just be writing to the wind these days, but I thought I'd give an update.

In the pregnancy department...I'm 24 weeks pregnant with a little BOY! We're super excited to be adding a little man to our family. I was glad to know all my suspicions were correct, and I wasn't just crazy. We don't have a name picked out. We have a few possibilities, but I think we may do what we did last time and wait until he's born to name him. I'm feeling really well. I have energy, I'm not so huge that I'm uncomfortable all the time, I'm sleeping pretty well, I have a healthy (aka huge) appetite, I'm right on track for my weight gain... So yes, things are going well. I'm getting the nesting bug already. I'm ready to get going on his nursery. Currently, it's being used as our guest/extra room. We keep an aero airbed in there for friends/family to stay the night. We have our filing cabinet in there. And the closet stores the girls' craft/coloring supplies and dress up clothes. So we need to clear all that out, paint, and get to decorating. I've already got the crib moved in. We moved Charlotte out of the crib a few weeks ago (she's sleeping on the crib mattress on the floor just like Eden did), and we'll move her to a big girl bed next month.

I'm busy helping one of my closest friends get ready for her wedding! She's having a really small, intimate ceremony (20 people), but still asked me to be her matron of honor, which is really special. I'm feeling very honored to help her and support her in this! Wedding is next month, so we're down to crunch time. She got me the most gorgeous outfit to wear (and I'll be able to wear it when I'm not pregnant too, which is awesome), she's going to be beautiful, and the wedding will be gorgeous. I take my MOH duties very seriously and am thoroughly enjoying helping her and getting my mind off myself and my own stuff some of the time! I feel like all I think about sometimes are my own kids or this baby. And that's not a bad thing necessarily. But it can drive you a little mad sometimes when you're cooped up in the house constantly by yourself with your little ones. Sometimes it's nice to focus on somebody else!

I'm considering getting back into the workforce. It's a BIG "if" at this point. Something we're discussing. It likely wouldn't happen until the end of the year or early next year since we have another baby coming end of this summer. IF I go through with it, I'd be working from home and probably just hiring a babysitter to come over during the morning hours a couple days a week. I'm looking at getting into virtual assisting. I think I have a lot of the strengths and assets required to do that job, and I would really enjoy it. We'll see what happens. It's also possible that I just do some sort of volunteer part-time work for church in the same realm of administration, but it's all still something we're talking about and discussing.

The girls are at a really fun yet challenging stage. They play well together and are having a lot of fun together. But they also get into a lot of trouble together and have their fair share of fights. I think it's just a small glimpse into what the future with two teenage daughters so close in age will look like. And I'm scared. Haha.

I'm dabbling in some more natural beauty and skin stuff. Starting to experiment with essential oils and using the whole oil cleansing method for skin care. I am still doing research and gathering info before I dive in full-bore. There is SO much info out there, it's hard to discern between it all! I've been looking to my naturopath for some direction, and that's been helpful. Has anyone else gotten into this? If so, I'd love to hear your experiences!

I'm also gearing up to kick processed sugar to the curb for good. I have done it temporarily a few times and have cut back a lot in how much I use it...but it's gotten out of control again with being pregnant. Our family is just plain addicted. Corey and I crave it and feel like we need it. The kids go nuts for it, but then they act like crazy people when they have it. I noticed such a difference in my skin and my seasonal allergies when I was off it for 3 months at this time last year, and I know how good it was for me to be rid of it. It's not an easy thing though because it's everywhere and in everything! It'll be a process. I already substitute raw honey and/or organic maple syrup when I can, but I'll just have to learn how to do a whole lot more of that! We'll start with not using it in homemade stuff and not buying sugar-packed snacks or baked goods and slowly transition it out of everything (condiments, breads, etc). I know how much better I will feel not having it. But it'll require some extra work on my part (more homemade stuff), some additional equipment (namely kitchen appliances), and just getting into a new routine. I know that over time we'll adjust and our bodies will thank us and we won't miss it. And of course, we'll make occasional exceptions. I just don't want it to be a part of our everyday life.

Corey got yet another promotion at work. Sheesh, overachiever much? But seriously, he so deserves this and I'm so incredibly proud of my hard-working man. He's now managing the engineering department. It's a transition from him not doing so much of the actual work and delegating more of it to be able to take on the managerial duties, so it's all still in process. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if he was running the company someday. He has real talent and skills for leadership and managing. I think it's a gift that God has blessed him with and he's finally getting to use it! He's also in a leadership apprenticeship program at church, so it's all been good for his development! So happy for my man!

Ok, well, that was probably the most random post I've made in a while. How is everyone?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Second trimester and prepping for Italy!

Do you like how creative my titles are these days?? I know, you'll never guess what this post is about, so I'll go ahead and tell you. I'm going to talk about how things are going now that I'm a few weeks into my second trimester. And I'm going to excitedly tell you about our travel preparations for Italy!

So...first thing's first. Baby stuff. I'm 16 1/2 weeks pregnant now...the second trimester energy has kicked in, thank goodness! I still occasionally need a nap, but that has more to do with the fact that Charlotte is teething and not sleeping well (getting bottom molars and top cuspids at the same time...ouch). Nausea has eased quite a bit, which is huge! I threw up yesterday, but I also woke up with a pounding headache (must've slept weird) and attribute my morning puking episode to that. As long as I don't go too long before I eat breakfast in the morning, I'm good. And I still take a half of a unisom at night to keep the queasiness at bay in the morning. Done with the B6 though. My last puking session before yesterday was a little over 2 weeks ago, so I think it's safe to say I'm pretty well in the clear now. SO thankful it didn't last as long this time as it did with the girls (sick with both until about 25 weeks). Could it be that it's a little man in there with my sickness going away so much faster?

I started feeling this little bean move just before I hit the 15 week mark, which sounds crazy early...but I felt Eden at 15 weeks and I think Charlotte was closer to 16 or 17. But I'm feeling pretty regular little taps and thumbs throughout the day now, so I know it was indeed the bean I was feeling so early on. Movement with this baby has been so different and interesting...both my girls sat really low. Their movement was all down in my pelvic area, and this baby's movements are much higher and closer to my belly button. One more reason to think maybe it's a boy?? (Can you tell we're sort of hoping for a boy? Haha)

I am not even 17 weeks yet and I already feel like my belly is huge. Definitely feels much bigger at this stage than it did with Charlotte...and I didn't pop out with Eden until 20-22 weeks. I hope I just got round a little earlier this time since it's my third pregnancy and that I'm not in for a giant baby! But it's definitely obvious that I'm pregnant. In that weird stage where regular jeans no longer fit and are totally uncomfortable but my maternity jeans are still a little too baggy in the hips. So I live in long shirts/tunics and leggings or dresses and tights. Or tees and yoga pants around the house.

We are finding out this baby's gender. We have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled for April 14th! It will only be a week away when we get home from vacation! Pretty darn excited. And I think we'll probably follow the same thing we did with Charlotte...not go public with names until after baby is born. I think we'll wait to pick his/her "for sure" name until we see his/her little face. I really loved doing that with Charlotte (we'll have narrowed down our options to a handful of names that we'll pick from, most likely).

And now onto the thing that is dominating my thoughts 24/7 right now...ITALY!!! We leave in NINE days, people! NINE! We will technically be gone 9 days because of the time difference, but will only spend 7 days in Italy plus a layover in London on our way there. (Funny how that works, huh?) We've got our hotel booked for 5 days in the Tuscany region and 2 days in Rome. We felt like the Tuscany region had SO much to explore (we're renting a car for this portion so we can get around to all the cities...we're particularly excited for Florence), so we're spending the bulk of our time there. Two days in Rome will be a little tight to cram everything in, but we felt it would be enough time to see the major tourist attractions (the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Pantheon, Colosseum, etc). We prefer to spend most of our time in the less touristy more relaxed areas seeing the landscape and exploring. We want it to feel like a vacation, not like a huge guided tour to cram in as much as we possibly can. I have a feeling we'll want to go back. We debated taking a train up to Venice for a day, but I think we'll wait for another time (hopefully). We had to weigh the cost of doing that for one day versus being able to bring some special things back to remember our trip by...and we decided we'd rather be able to bring some special things home. (Hopefully some art and a ceramic piece...fruit bowl or something...and maybe some leather shoes. How do you go to Florence and not bring home some leather good of some sort?) Oh, and SO excited for the coffee. SOO excited. We live in the Seattle area, the coffee capital of the nation, but I know what we've had here will be nothing like the coffee there. (We have some dang good coffee here too, and NO I'm not talking about Starbucks. Starbucks is not real coffee. Sorry if you like Starbucks. It's ok if you do. You just can't call it real coffee. Real coffee is an art. It doesn't come out of automated machines in 20 seconds. And I'm officially getting off topic, so I'll stop.)

Honestly, I haven't even thought about London. Haha. We'll have about 12 hours there, so we definitely want to sight see. I guess we should hurry up and figure out what we want to see in that short time! I think what I'm most excited for on this trip is the food. Specifically the gelato. And I've heard nothing but amazing things about the gluten free food availability in Italy. Some things I've read online say if you call in advance and make a reservation at the restaurant you want to eat dinner at and let them know you need to be gluten free, they'll prepare an entire meal specifically for you. Isn't that crazy?!

I'll be instagraming it up while we're over there (handle is amberhansen), so follow me there if you want to see pictures. I don't plan to post many here (it's a hassle and I'm lazy). I'm a bit protective about my instagram since I mainly post pictures of my kiddos (my account is private), so if you request to follow me, follow it up with an email letting me know (coreyandamber[at]gmail[dot]com). Otherwise I may not recognize you and won't approve you.

As they say in Italy...ciao!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I know I'm not on here much anymore (you can read about why in this post). I don't really plan to change the frequency of my blogging at this point. I'm just going to post the occasional big updates. I've really enjoyed being more unplugged and less tied to my computer. I've enjoyed reading or being productive during naps and after bedtime rather than feeling like I have to get on the blog and post some random update to keep people reading. I don't know if anyone even reads this anymore, so I might just be updating a forgotten website...but that's ok. It's still fun to chronicle life's big events.

So, all that to say...

There you have it! We're expanding our family size from 4 to 5 this September. I'm pregnant with baby #3!

For those wondering, I thought I'd knock out a couple questions I know will come up (that is, if anyone is reading!)...

Did we plan this pregnancy?
Nope. Not even a little bit. In fact, we were done, done, DONE. It actually came as quite a shock. But sometimes God's plans are not the same as our plans, and we are very thankful for that. It took a couple days for the initial shock to wear off and for me to wrap my mind around this big change of plans, but we're all fully on board and very excited now.

How long have we known/how far along am I?
I took the test late on Christmas Eve (it was past midnight, so it was technically Christmas day). I will be 13 weeks pregnant when you all read this. We always wait until after the first ultrasound (to make sure everything is going well and is on track) before we go public with our announcement.

When is baby's official due date and how old will the girls be?
This baby is due September 1st. Eden will be almost 3 1/2 years old, and Charlotte will have just turned 2 (on Aug 23rd). I think the spacing is going to be perfect.

How am I feeling?
Depends on the day. I'm definitely in the middle of the debilitating pregnancy exhaustion phase, which is really hard with two little kiddos running amuck. I experienced some mild and very bearable morning sickness early on...but at about 11.5 weeks it kicked into high gear. I kind of got my hopes up and thought maybe I wasn't going to be crazy sick this time like I was with both the girls, but it just waited to rear its head until later in the game. It took me about 2 weeks to figure out a regimen of meds that worked to control the nausea. I was on the verge of having to head to the ER because I couldn't keep any food or water down for a few days. I went through 3 different prescription meds that didn't work. Now I'm taking a Unisom at night and vitamin B6 during the day, and that's helping a lot more than anything else. I'm glad to not need a prescription. I'm not 100% by any means...I still battle queasiness throughout the day and have to force myself to eat a little bit every couple hours so my stomach doesn't get on empty (which is when the nausea is worse), but I'm able to keep food down when I do eat. And liquids...which is even more important. I'm already experiencing a little round ligament pain...which is weird this early. Not really having any cravings this time...I'm sure they'll come when I get over the queasy stage (which is hopefully sooner rather than later!). I have plenty of aversions (mostly sugar and chocolate). That's about it. Nobody said knitting a life together in your womb was an easy task, but it's a noble one, I think. And it's all completely worth every moment of throwing up and exhaustion and pain. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Did we know I was pregnant when we planned our Italy trip?
Yep! That's actually why we planned it! Originally we were supposed to go to Ireland in September. Corey has a business trip planned, and I was going to go with him and we'd stay longer and make a vacation out of it. But seeing as how this baby is due in September, that's not an option anymore. And we really wanted to get away just us before this baby came. We won't be able to leave the baby for at least a year or for a good length of time, so we figured it was now or never (ok, not never, but not for a WHILE). I'll be about 18 weeks when we go, so I'm hoping I'll have that second trimester burst of energy going for me and maybe I'll be over the nausea by then...or at least it will have lessened. Fingers crossed... And I won't be so huge and uncomfortable that I can't enjoy walking around the city seeing things.

Do our kiddos know?
Yes, we've told them. Charlotte is only 18 months, so she's pretty clueless. But Eden is pretty excited. If you ask her "what's in mommy's belly?" she excitedly replies "there's a BABY in mommy's belly!!!" She goes back and forth on whether she wants a brother or sister. I think Charlotte will be in for a rude awakening with this little one makes his/her debut. She's the baby...she'll have been the baby for 2 years...and she very much enjoys and soaks up all the perks that come with being the baby (not that we treat our kids unfairly or show partiality, but let's be do treat your youngest one a bit different than your oldest). I think it'll take some adjusting for her.

So there you have it! Happy to finally share with you all. We waited quite a bit longer this time to go public with it. We just sort of took our time telling everyone for some reason. I don't anticipate doing any sort of weekly pregnancy updates this time around. I just don't have the time (or maybe it's more that I don't care to make the time?). Maybe an update every month or two. I won't just leave you in the dark until his/her arrival.

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


2014 is going to be a big year for our family.

Corey will be transitioning into a managerial role a work. (So proud of him!) This will require some training, but I'm hoping to accompany him for some of it.

We have a big trip planned for Italy! We'll have an overnight layover in London before we head to Rome and then Tuscany. No kids allowed. Just the two of us...we haven't gone on a real legitimate out of town vacation just us since our honeymoon 5 1/2 years ago, so we are very excited! The best part? The hotels, plane ticket, and rental car won't cost us a dime! We'll only have to pay for food and any recreation (museum admission, shopping, etc). Corey has racked up so many points with car rentals, hotel points, and airline miles with all his travel that our entire trip will be paid for using points!

There's more about things I'm hoping to personally change and accomplish in 2014, but that's a post for another day!

Excited for what this year brings. 2013 was a great year...difficult in some aspects, but wonderful still. And I'm betting 2014 will only be better.

Happy New Year, friends!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Polar opposites

Hello blogland!

It's October 14th...and it's been a little over a month since I wrote last. And I still haven't missed it. But I don't want to disappear altogether, so here I am.

Eden has croup at the moment, and I'm about 70% certain that despite my best efforts, Charlotte is also coming down with it (kind of inevitable when those sisters try to swap spit every chance they get...from sharing cups to kisses to sticking their fingers in each other's mouths...). Thankfully Eden really doesn't seem to actually feel all that bad. She's pretty much her normal self...she just doesn't have a voice and has this awful sounding cough. Hopefully if Charlotte does get it, she'll be just as chipper as Eden has been!

Life has been good. It's gotten busier. Corey has been traveling again a bit. I'm in a women's midweek bible study plus our hosting community group. And I started serving in the children's ministry at church. I'm in the 3 years through PreK class at our early service...and let me tell you...whew! That's quite a class! I thought Eden was high maintenance at 2 1/2...but wow! I was wrong when I thought getting older meant getting easier. That being said, I really love my kids. They're a blast. Lots of chaos, but so much fun! I've made some good buddies in class. It's fun getting to know other parents too.

It's really fun watching Charlotte get older and develop more and more of a personality. I forgot how fun this age is...she's almost 14 months. She's going to be the one that keeps us up at night. Forever. I can just see it. She's already fiercely independent. She officially refuses to let me feed her with a utensil at all. It must be her way or the highway. At all times. It doesn't matter how frustrated she gets with herself because she can't master a particular skill yet. She will just keep trying and trying and NO she doesn't want your help! Little firecracker, that girl. Stubborn and motivated and strong-willed. And a spitting image of her mama (I'll have to post a pic of us side-by-side). She's also a daredevil. She will, without a doubt, be the first with stitches or a broken bone or in the ER for an injury. She can't sit still if her life depended on it (she got that trait from her father). She has the attention span of a flea. She can only sit through 2 seconds of a story before she's done and wants to do her own thing. Charlotte has an issue with people invading her personal space. She likes to play alone. She is drawn to music in a way that makes me think she'll be musically inclined. There is nothing shy about her. She and Eden are complete opposites. In fact, I'm not sure they could be MORE opposite. Maybe the opposite nature of their personalities will cause them to compliment one another and get along really well as sisters? Yeah, who am I kidding. They're probably going to hate each other from middle school on. And then once they move out and have their own separate lives, they'll be best friends. They already drive each other nuts. Eden is my snugglebug who thrives on affection and attention. She wants help with everything even if she's capable of it by herself just because she wants the companionship. She doesn't know how to play by herself...never has. Not since she was born. She is a little bookworm. She is happy reading. All.Day.Long. She likes to be the center of attention but doesn't like to be put on the spot, if that makes sense... She literally needs to be touching me at all times. I cannot sit on the couch or floor without even a centimeter of space between us. Her feet must be tucked under my leg. Or her arm must be resting on me. Or she must be holding my hand. Or just flat out sitting on top of me. She doesn't seem to be artfully inclined. A book or her favorite movie can hold her attention for hours. But bring out a coloring book and crayons? She's done in 5 minutes and tells me to finish coloring for her. She loves all things kitty still. Total cat obsession. She may end up a cat lady (though not while living here...I'm allergic and Corey hates them). She's also a wonderful sister. She can get a bit too affectionate for Charlotte's liking most times...she wants to hold hands and snuggle and kiss and hug all the time. And Charlotte wants to be left alone. Eden loves to help me in the kitchen. That seems to be her favorite activity right now...helping me cook or bake. Charlotte just likes to eat. But she's also not really old enough to be up at the counter helping stir or mix or measure things.

It's a lot of work having two girls. And it's also a lot of fun. I really dread some of the times to come (particularly the teenage years where they'll no longer think I'm the coolest person ever). But I am also anxiously looking forward to many of the times to come... not that I want them to "hurry up" and grow up. But I am excited to do life with my girls. They are such a blessing to me. I love how different they are because they bless me in different ways (they also drive me crazy in different ways...haha!).

Alright, it's late. Time for bed. Goodnight!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hey all.

Well I just took a two month hiatus from the blog. And honestly...I didn't miss it. Not even a little bit. (Don't worry, I'm still reading all your blogs...just not posting on my own right now.) I'm not exactly sure what that means for my blog? I don't think I'm going to quit blogging altogether. But it was admittedly beginning to feel like more of another chore/item on my loooong list of "to-do's" I just stopped. I figure if I don't absolutely love doing something, it's maybe not worth my time right now. Because time is precious. And we never know how much we have left.

God has been speaking to me a lot lately about simplifying my life. Not overcommitting myself. Not wasting time doing things I don't thoroughly enjoy. Putting more effort into having a few really great friends rather than being spread thin and just having a bunch of surfacey friendships. Not having so much stuff in our house. Not spending my money on so many things that aren't beautiful or useful.

So that's what I've been doing the past couple months. We did a major house overhaul. Got rid of a TON of stuff. We took the Tsh Oxenreider approach and didn't keep anything that wasn't beautiful or useful. And as hard as it felt REALLY GOOD. I did things like sell my wedding dress (don't worry, I tried it on and was immediately convinced I did not need to keep it). And got rid of a bunch of unnecessary kitchen gadgets (because let's be real...when we have a good kitchen knife, do we really need an avocado slicer, a pineapple slicer, a strawberry pitter, etc?). I threw out/got rid of some stuff I never thought I'd get rid of. It was very freeing. I've always been a bit of a packrat. But it's so stressful to be a packrat! You have so much to sort through to find something, so much to clean around, so much stuff taking up so much space.

I'm trying to be more intentional about living and how I spend my time. So, my friends, I will likely not be blogging much anymore. Maybe a quarterly update or so. I don't plan to delete my blog. But I just don't enjoy it enough that I want blogging to be a big deal in my life. I'd rather spend time in the moment remembering details, creating memories, and experiencing things with my little family than be stressed out about taking pictures for the blog or finding time to write a post. It's not worth it to me.

Thing 2 (our affectionate nickname for Charlotte) is up from naptime, so I better sign off. I'll try to get a few pictures/kiddo updates up before the end of September, but I can't make any promises.

And again, I'm still reading your blogs, so I'm not off the blogosphere completely. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!